pic: Cybersonics 2004 Robot

Finished and ready to go.

Looks good. Can the bent bars on the backside grab the 2x ball?

i would love to see a pic of the drive train wink wink

Yes there’s a big ball handler and those on 25 will be very familiar with the drivetrain. See you all in NJ, Philly, and Atlanta.

oh no, not another gear-based drivetrain… i wonder how you guys plan to turn while going that fast, with those humongous wheels… i’m already scared…

We are happy that you liked our drive train from last year so much that you desided to make something like it. Wait to you see this years. We are always trying to improve it. I think if you know what you are looking at the difference between this years and last years drivetrain is light years difference. It is only about 7% faster but the way the moters were mounted makes it better.

Any plans for handling/herding the small balls? Great job guys; looks like an awesome bot!


like she asked, will there be anyway to get small balls. We figured a 2x multiplication of 0 still gives you 0…

flip down mechanism in rear pushes small balls

Many more pics now available at - http://www.cybersonics.org/cybersonics/team103/photos/04Robot.asp