pic: Cybersonics 2007 Animation Preview

Here is a frame from our 2007 animation. A link to the full animation will soon be posted on our website (www.cybersonics.org). The explosion uses 29 particle systems and 34 lights. Some of the city was modeled with the aid of Greeble, a free 3ds max plugin that creates random rectangular extrusions from a plane. The city and the water were textured with mental ray’s architectural materials. For lighting and environment, we used the mental ray daylight system. The finished scene has over 2 million faces, which crashed all of our computers until we figured out how to net render in strips :slight_smile:

holy… wow!
very impressive!
our animation is soooooo cheesy
ah well

That’s Crazy! Over 2 million Faces! I’m Speechless

wow, thats amazing & nice job. Congrats to you guys!


Me wants to see the whole thing!!! We’ve been working on a render farm for our animations but even that would have problems doing something that complex! :ahh:

I’ll have too look up some of those features you used though, they look pretty darn good! :slight_smile:

That looks awesome!

um… why does the nuclear power plant have to be blowing up? I, a future nuclear engineering undergrad student, resent that…
But otherwise, I’d absolutely love to see what it lookes like when a nuclear power plant blows up! lol!

animations of major disasters resembling real life, are a no no