pic: Cybersonics X-Factor Debut

Wait till you see the real thing.

Awesome Inventor work as always! It looks so realistic, but I shouldn’t expect anything else from the Cybersonics CAD team (how many of you are there?).

Also, my usual question. How did you do the chains (with the cbliss I-part?) and how much did it slow the assembly down?

Are those wires I see? If so, congrats on learning that feature (I need to look at that myself).

One more thing. How did you do the side panel with the logo/sponsors? Sorry for asking these questions, but I’m curious and I don’t have Inventor with me.


They have 4 people in their group, 2 of them are freshman and the other two have only been on the team for their second year. Jason Hallenbeck did the chain, wire, side panels, and tetra holder. Along with Rob Thacker completing Tower, Didzis Nigals putting the drive system together, and Mike Hvorecny doing the chassis and helping with chain. :smiley:

Chain is a mystery. But every one on the Inventor Crew (all 4 of us) can do all aspects of the Robot you see. We are all still working on it though, so expect a lot more on the website. Good luck to all other inventor crews!

Can someone explain how that gripper (or 2 grippers?) work? A teammate and I have been puzzling over it for some time.

The two fingers are extended in the picture but the pneumatics draw them in, then drive up to the tetra so that the pipe that the tetra is made out of goes in between the fingers. Then the pneumatics push the fingers out “squezing” the tetra. :smiley: