pic: Cyborg Swerve 9.0 Frame Assembly

24 x 18 inch frame weighing in around 25 lb using cyborg swerve 9.0 modules.

You’re gonna have a hard time assembling that vertical shaft like it’s shown in the render :smiley:

Can we get a closer look at the module? There are a few things that look like they could be interesting, but it’s hard to tell from just that view.

Haha I saw that after uploading. I think our hydraulic press might be able to, but I doubt it.

Here’s the module post.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears as if the wheel is offset from the module’s axis of rotation. That means that when you want to rotate multiple modules at once, the whole chassis will translate in the opposite direction. For example last year, if you went to line up with the peg and you were a few inches off to the right, the chassis would actually move farther to the right when you’re turning the modules before moving to the left. Most people I’ve talked to see that as a negative, though I see how it could be seen as a positive (taking advantage of that to align the chassis +/- a few inches without moving the wheels). Your azimuth motor will also need to be stronger than normal and stall-resistant, not just to apply the same force at a larger radius but also to avoid the tendency of the wheel to “trail” sideways like a caster would.

You are right, but this can be accounted for in programming. It only really gets tricky for auto. The human can pretty easily adjust without knowing the problem exists. I can’t wait until our programmer figures out a way to use A.I. to account for such things :smiley: