pic: D-Bug #3316 2015 Drivetrain CAD

Here is a render of our drivetrain for the 2015 robot.

CAD Model is available HERE.

Technical Specs:

  • Four 6" Omni Wheels powered by 4 CIMs connnected to a single-speed Vex Gearbox with a gear ratio of 1:9.52
  • 4" Omni Wheel for holonomic drive, powered by two CIMs connected to the same gearbox with a ratio of 1:9.52 or 1:19 (may vary)
  • The prependicular wheel and its gearbox are supported by a shaft and spring mechanism, to make sure the wheel always touches the ground
  • CNC’ed and laser cut

Good Luck and be sure to contact us for any question,
Yarden Sheffer
Head of CAD,
D-Bug #3316