pic: Da' Bears Come Out of the Cave

Here we are.

What kind of drive are you using? All I can see is 2 omnis in the front and 2 sets of raised high traction wheels in the middle. Are the tractions in the back or something else?

I think those are belts and belt sprockets that appear to be “in the middle” and a set of traction wheels at the back.

Are you positive that those are omnis on the front? They probably are, but my first impression was that they were plastic wheels with something wrapped around them (we used zip ties for added traction with our 2006 wheels).

They are, many teams are using those this year.


We have a similar bar behind the soccer ball in our design. Be very careful about its height, because at the height in the picture, it is very easy for a soccer ball to roll under your robot when you accidentally push it up a bump, or try to push it up the ramp into the goal.

You might want to lower the bar or increase its width toward the ground, we learned the lesson the hard way at SD.

looks nice, look forward to competing with you @ ann arbor