pic: Da Bears of 247 give 123 and 337 a lift

Da Bears get 60 points in the semi-finals in Pittsburgh

This was a critical game and I wanna make a shoutout to team 123 helping out team 247 (and me lol) with all the scouting, combining them and working hard to get it done right. And congrats for team 337 for their first regional win

Hmmmm… That design look strikingly similar to our ramp design… Except, I am pretty sure that yours doesn’t use the sweet grenade pin to deploy right?

I don’t know how many kids on the team (123) come on here, so I’ll say thanks for being a great alliance to play with on their behalf even though I wasn’t there to see it. I’m sure you guys were a great alliance or else any of the other great teams attending Pittsburgh would have taken the Gold. I’ll watch the tape as soon as I get my hands on it! (I’m an alumnus and ex driver, captain, builder, animator. I know the mentors on our team and a few of the kids on the team. Great group of mentors, especially Joe the engineer, and good group of kids.)

Good to see FIRST is still running strong. Have fun with the rest of the season! It goes by quick.