pic: Da Bears shaved and painted just for 11!


I will admit, you can’t see my but I was in the corner by the wall laughing my butt off as they did it. That was the greatest thing in the world.

That is awesome. I love how spirited this two mentors are, definitely great mentors. The best thing was how there is a bond between team 11, 247 and us, 1251. We cheered for each other, and had lot’s of fun. Since the day all our mentors jumped into the water in palmetto, I knew that DA Bear’s mentors were crazy but I couldn’t belief it when I saw them shaved. You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work and of course all that spirit.

Thanks to team 11 and 247 for making this trip an awesome trip. I hope to see you guys next year.

I honestly love 247 and 1251 times infinity. w00t.

I’ll never forget when we had 4 other teams, not including us, cheering for us during elimination on Newton. Thanks Tigers, Bears, Nutrons, and PoJo.

The spirit the Tigers and Bears gave us was absolutely amazing. All having matching shirts on Thursday, wearing our bandanas, shaving and painting your heads. Now come on…That’s CRAZYYYY awesome!

A friendship/robot bond all thanks to FIRST.

MORT, Tigers, and Bears…OH MY!!

I love that picture, you guys should have been there when we were shaving their heads. The second they saw themselves in the mirror it was instant OMG! But other than that, I just wanted to thank Team 11 and 1251 for being amazing RoboPartners through SC and ATL! I can’t wait to see you guys again next year!!! :slight_smile:

If I could be a nerd for a second, Ashley…


We deffinately do have great mentors. One of them was left out of the picture, however. We actually have 3 Mohawked mentors. I say we just all get mohawks and change our team name from D’ Bears to the Moheekans.

…I don’t get it?


and P.S. They were some of the best mentors I’ve ever met. My team seriously considered kidnapping a few papa bears this past weekend…

In all seriousness though (yea I made up my own word) --One of them had some pretty amazing things to say to my team and I was honestly touched. I’ve only known these mentors for a short time, but they’ve touched my heart in so many ways and gave me so much encouragement there aren’t even words to describe it.

Keep doing amazing things 247, never lose faith, because it’ll carry you forever. I see great things in your future. I wouldn’t change the friendships I’ve made for anything (well…I am keeping our Palmetto win so don’t try to take THAT from me, but anything else is game). KEEP IN TOUCH. (send me an e-mail/IM/etc)


[offtopic]…so does this mentor’s mohawk go to 11?[/offtopic]

It’s always good to see teams rooting for other teams (even if they don’t take it this far). Just goes to show you how we’re all ultimately on the same team.

I tried…but failed quite quickly. We almost had a mustache shaved off but that didn’t get that far. But HEY they jumped in the fountain in SC (followed by the other team’s mentors) that was a big step!

I did give the one mentor an extra push to make sure that hair was off Friday night in Georgia, so maybe if someone on Da Bears gave our mentors the extra push…we’ll see we’ll see…

Our team’s never had such a strong relationship with another team before, so this season was INSANE :yikes: .

I encourage all teams to try and experience what our team has.

omg… i wasn’t even at Palmetto, but watching the webcast and hearing the stories alone was enough to send my friendship and spirit out to these teams… the tech tigers and the bears are incredibly awesome people… and i made sure that i spent most of my free time in atlanta hanging out with some of them. i even hung out with a few of the guys at the wrap party and i have to say i love ALL of you guys. if any of you want to get in contact with me my SN is Psychoflood X and my e-mail is john.psychoflood@gmail.com. i’d love to hear from any of you guys because you guys are SO AWESOME!!! MORT TIGERS AND BEARS FOR LIFE!

So I am visiting Da Bears and the mentors are telling me about the fountain story. (I have to admit it was pretty funny) I explain to them they need a better negotiator when working out these bets and that they should watch out next time. Well, I find myself back in their pit, on Saturday morning and low and behold, they are now shaved into mowhawks. Then as they are on the field later in the morning, the shaved areas are now painted yellow with writing. Yes, these guys are great mentors and nice people, but they need help making bets. Intervention is in their future. Won’t you help me get them help? I am sure we can reverse this trend before it goes too far! Remember, Ira, you can reach me anytime.

Once again, great picture.

Sadly though, the mohawks have been shaved.


Oh booooooooooo!

this made me laugh… =D…
very cool
what competion is this?

It’s the Championship, determined three ways:

a) I recognize that Georgia Dome floor anywhere.

b) 11 and 247 were only allied together in the finals of one event this year: Palmetto, which is Week 5. The Championship is the only event left in the season after that.

c) It’s tagged as such in CD-Media.

It is indeed the Championship. Although we weren’t in the same divisions, we went over and cheered for several of each other’s matches.