pic: da wheel

this is a very interesting design
i’m guessing that its something to climb the platform

Interesting, are the three small wheels going to be powered (driven) separately from the larger “wheel”?

time will tell

It’s often been said that there’s no point in trying to reinvent the wheel.

That said…the design looks interesting. Good luck with it, whatever it’s meant to do…

Same Idea as the I-bot except with three wheels instead of two… We had this same idea in theory but decided implementation was near impossible with the selection of motor and we wanted four wheel drive. If we could use for drill motors or four CIMs this would have be a very nice design choice and would be impressive when used. Not only could this climb a step it could climb stairs. Good luck…show us how you implement this if you use it and how it work.

I will post pics when we get the basic drive train done(few days)

and what is the i-bot…?


Look here:


It’s wheels use the same concept. Look at pic.


sorry, I just didnt know that that was its name

Those small wheels look familiar wink wink… It’s awesome what you guys accomplish with virtually no machines, keep up the good work


Tri-star. We like tri-star.