pic: Daisy - Team 1538's 2007 Robot

Here is Team 1538’s entry for the 2007 competition-“Daisy”. As most of you have been able to tell from previous teasers we’re using the “West Coast Drive”. I’d like to thank Travis Covington (968) for answering any questions we had relating to the “West Coast Drive”. I’d also like to thank Andy Baker (45 & AndyMark Inc.) for answering any transmission specific questions we had. Now on to the stats…

[2-Speed Transmissions]
High Gear: 16.5 ft/sec, 6.8:1 Reduction, 54.8 In-OZ Of Normal Load Torque
Low Gear: 7.5 ft/sec, 15:1 Reduction, 120 In-OZ Of Normal Load Torque
Weight: 3.5 lbs without motors

[Chassis & Wheels]
Wheels: 1" Wide, .80 Tread Surface, .5 lbs
Chassis: 27.5" x 37.5"

[Lift & Claw]
Lift: 4’7" Tall when collapsed, 9.5’ Fully Extended, 140lbs working load, 3 ft/sec
Claw: 1.5lbs, 2 .75" bore-2"stroke pneumatic pistons

hey were u guys able to fix/replace that pin thing that fell/broke at the scrimmage?

EDIT: WOOPS thought u were a different TEAM SRY