pic: Daisy Thunder

Daisy Thunder at the San Diego Regional.

Very cool robot, but the name Daisy Thunder scared me.

I was thinking OMG a robot built by Miss Daisy (341) and Rolling Thunder (1511) as partners? How is that going to be fair to the rest of us?!? Daisy’s careening around the Mid-Atlantic-Region (MAR) tossing Frisbee into goals like they were Jonas Bengtsson. Rolling Thunder rolls over the Boston Regional as the first place seed and then thunders in as the winner of the event.

So once I got my heart rate under control, I looked at your reveal video. Very nice drive train, that 6WD is very nimble. Thanks for the close up of your indexing / launch motion, that was a very elegant way to get things in place.

Nice robot!


As NXTGeek noted, we use a 4 Wheel West Coast Drive. Six wheel drive improves agility because the robot pivots on the center wheel, so only two wheels are in contact with the ground at any one time. When we were originally designing Daisy Thunder we looked at doing a 6 wheel drive. However, when we settled on the robot’s length (21.5") we found that the outer wheels would be about 17.5" apart, which is less than what it is when we do a long 6 wheel drive. With the outer wheels being 17.5" apart, the wheel base (center wheel to outer wheel) would have been 8.75". At this point we were worried about the robot being difficult to control and decided to stick to a 4 wheel drive.

I agree that it would be a scary robot but 1511 was not the #1 seed, that was 125. 1511 was actually the 2nd pick of that alliance after 126.