pic: Damaged-parts.jpg

I forgot how exactly the drive shaft got damaged, but the Item (metric extruded AL) above it was hit only twice. It was replaced, and the replacement suffered a similar fate after 2 more rounds. It now can support my weight without showing signs of give.

:ahh: YOU BENT ITEM!!! :ahh:

how?? you said it got hit but how hard?

Hold up, this all that you broke? Well then we must be in danger because we broke way more parts than that on our robot.

Well, the welds holding our turret ring have popped 3 times to date…

…Other than that, yup, that’s it. No bumpers or anything.

By the way, that bend in the Item is from only 2 hits.

Item can bend. It can also torque. 2003, we put a 90 degree twist into a 2.5" piece. We sent it to them. Strong stuff. But wow. We never had even close to that kind of damage.

Wow! what are you guys doing to these things! I hope we aren’t underbuilding ours…:yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

This is a thread from 2006 when bumpers were not mandatory and as the OP mentioned in one of the posts here the robot these were on had no bumpers on it.