pic: Dance Class at CHIJ

The Team 341 takes on a new challenge: Dance Classes in Singapore

Hehe, that was so much fun. We danced at 2 out of the three schools we visited. Now that we have the moves, who wants a dance off?!?

What dance are all of you learning?

I’m for it. I can imagine it now… Teenage couples dancing the salsa, or even the viennese waltz, circling around the field. Afterall, dodgeball was SOOO last year. :smiley:

I’m learning Rhumba, Swing (single and triple step), and cha-cha. I’m already proficient in salsa, so a salsa-themed dance off I’d love to go to.

they called the dance an “american twist” dance, i believe…

i don’t get it. in singapore, we visited two gym dance classes. one was an american line dance and the other the twist! it’s like they like our dances or something!!

although they were difficult to learn. :smiley:

Does Dance Dance Revolution count for a dance off?

One quick question I hope I haven’t missed the answer to:

It seems like in all the pictures posted, there are predominately girls. In Singapore, are girls generally invited to higher education more often then boys? Or am I blind?

Regardless, this outreach is impressive, and I’m sure everyone got a once in a lifetime experience. I hope you can continue this!

some of the pics are mostly girls because the third school we visited, CHIJ (Covenant (spelling?) of the Holy Infant Jesus), was an all-girls school. They are the ones wearing the blue dress things and the ones teaching us how to dance in this picture. guys in singapore have the same educational opportunities… sorry if it confused you. :smiley:

oh man, next they’ll be doing the Cha Cha slide and the Macarena.

During this trip I think a lot of us realized that the US is in a lot of trouble in terms of education and business in the future after seeing the quality of Singaporean schools.

I think we need to add dancing to that list as well.

Unfortunately, Dancing is not allowed over here. :wink: