pic: Dancing at the NJ Regional

This very well might be the only place you’ll find a banana, a spartan warrior, a knight, a wizard, a dog, a MC, and Where’s Waldo dancing together…I

There’s only one thing this pic is missing…

OMG it’s Libby Kamen!

Sorry George, I was on crutches. :stuck_out_tongue:

you CAN, however, see Katie [Horsegirrl], 1923’s amazing knight mascot, dancing next to Wayne. So, 1923 is represented, even if not by me.

This picture makes me miss NJ. What an AWESOME regional! :slight_smile:

Soooooo glad I brought my Banana costume to NJ this year.
We had such a blast with it with about 5 members of 237 wearing it throughout the week… lol It was at UTC as well, may show up in Boston one day this weekend at least, and will definitely be in Atlanta.
w00t! :yikes:

And actually their was another thing missing in this NJ picture.
That would be Laura from Where’s Waldo (1547) with the tin foil blanket. lol :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe that will make an appearence in Boston as well. You never know. :smiley:

I really like the banana suit. Nothing beats an alliance of a bunny and a banana.

I’m pretty sure this picture just made my day.

Ha ha! This is funny.
… someone should tell Billfred!

and a bunch of hula dancers in the front.:ahh:

That was so much fun. lol. Did anyone see the Monkey chasing the Banana??:smiley: :ahh:

I remember that! I would have been in that pic, but a fellow teammate is blocking me (way far to the left:) ).

I miss the large dance parties on the field. They were incredibly fun!

looks like we need to bring more than 135 dozen shell leis to give out because I dont see everyone wearing one…:smiley: plus more pineapples and chocolates…:]

I Love it when us Mascots get our grove thing on…
NW Pacific was’nt that great this year for mascots, UC Davis last year was awesome though

Hmmm…Do we have anymore pics of the dancing that went on?

I can try looking in my camera, see if i have anything else.

Just don’t send them through the Pit without their safety glasses on their faces!!!:ahh:


You coming out and giving Wayne a piece of your mind, was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

lol, thats me in the banana suit…and I will be in it for nationals…lol

Was it you saying watch out for the Tiger?

hahahaha I’m actually sitting in class laughing at that. The blanket did show up at boston…It just didn’t get worn like at NJ. Maybe you should watch the GTR wecast and it’ll make an appearance there :rolleyes:

I know it showed up in Boston, I was there bringing you back to your hotel when you were wearing it in my car. lol How easily we forget. :rolleyes: And the pirate hat made up for the lack of the blanket at the venue anyways.
YOU ARE A PIRATE!!! LOL <and then it was a stingray… aye…> :eek:

Oh boy… Now I know what I’ll be doing on Saturday. Watching the GTR Webcast, and keeping an eye out for an extra shiny Laura again. :stuck_out_tongue: