pic: Dancing in Atlanta 2006

Saturday afternoon at the Atlanta Championship. Quite a few teams were dancing between the dome and the pits. Be sure to click on the photo to see a much larger size.

Yea first anual 1251 CART PARTY

you can see me dancing in the top right

I was just dumping some video from the trip one of our student and saw this. Heatwave is just off to the right, I was in the pits, but my team members said they enjoyed it.

MORT, Tigers, and Bears…OH MY!!!

4 Life…<3 <3

Aw man, I can’t believe I missed that! You gotta tell me when that happened, because it sure wasn’t at the scheduled time!

Dylan, These pictures were taken on April 28 at 5:25PM.


We were there like at 4:55, we couldn’t make it there earlier because we had a late match. Also we were cheering for 11 on their last match. Too bad you weren’t there with the transmitter because the other carts could not be played. There is always next year.

yeh my team was around there for a bit. i was gonna jump in, but we had to leave.

Hey guys!

Lets just make sure that we publicize it for next year… :slight_smile:

The guy in the middle of the pic. with the silver 1251 shirt…he seems familiar… :ahh: It’s ME!!! :smiley:

Yea, I guess I’ll just have to hang around longer next year. For now, I encourage teams with sound systems to install an antenna, so the transmitter will be an option for next year. I’m also going to pick up a power splitter sometime this year, so that we can use that if the transmitter doesn’t work. Also, for next year all teams interested should bring a standard headphone splitter if someone on the team has one. The power splitter only has two or three sockets, so we would need more splitters for more carts.
Hope 1549 can make it next year.


Hmm… I’m thinking about putting this on a shirt, to y’know, conteract the whole steryotype of us being geeky types. (Although I sortof represent that steryotype…)

Yeah Cart Party! I made a dollar breaking it down on the 247 cart. Props to 1251 with having those bumpin tunes. We should definatly do that again sometime… I need the funds… :cool:

Yes I’m definitely sad that by the time matches were over on Friday (scouting is a pain) the cart party was dying down because of a certain battery drainage…

Otherwise I would have soooo been up on MORT’s cart dancing like crazy!

crosses fingers There’s always next year…

What was your favorite song they played at the cart party? Let me know so that I can be sure to have them for next year. :smiley:

Even though it wasn’t played this year, Thriller.