pic: Dancing on my first lawn

The Apollo 11 moon landing is now the 2nd most exciting thing to ever happen on July 20th.

As someone who is also in the market for a first home, congrats!

Though I admit, I kinda envy you – finding a 2-car garage with a decent-sized backyard in which to build and fly my quadrotor variants is … difficult in this area :rolleyes:

Congrats. Looks great.

Congratulations Barry. Your mom told me that you were closing on the weekend of IRI. Welcome to home ownership; now it’s a never ending project.

Congratulations! I approve of your car and buying a house. I bought a house on July 17th, in large part to have a garage to work on my 1991 Miata.

@ JesseK, I know that feel bro. I spent about 18 months off and on looking for a house with a decent sized piece of property and garage. The place I wound up getting has 4.25 acres, 3 garage bays, and 2 car ports to support my race car habit. The right house is out there…

That’s impressive. Unlike everyone my age, I bought a brand new truck instead of a house. :stuck_out_tongue:

Barry, that lawn looks much better then any lawn here in NY right now…

Exploding bacon has pointed out that Barry’s car is small and the garage is plenty big enough to house a robotics team (Hint hint). We would make sure his new kitchen was stocked and in working order.

They grow palm trees in Alaska?

Nice place, welcome to the [strike]burden[/strike] joys of home ownership.

You know how hard it is to find a house with a hangar attached?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, you can tell kids “get off my lawn!” for real now!

Congrats; the house looks great!

And the neighbors saw you and called the police with a report of a lunatic in their neighborhood? :slight_smile:

Congrats on home ownership, Barry!

I hear those wing things come off… :wink:

There’s a handful of communities in the NH/VT/ME area were a group of houses will share a private dirt airstrip with hangers in their back yards! The perfect house/property is out there.