pic: Dancing the Vacuum Fantastic


At the NJ Regional we were treated to some unusual half-time entertainment courtesy of Pete Kieselbach (petek).
Video is at: Team358.org - Robotic Eagles - FIRST® Robotics Competition

Caption Contest #139:

Did Pete lead?

Does anyone have video of FIRST’s first halftime show?

Selected video specials are posted at: http://www.team358.org/history/2007/extras/
including the Waldo conga line, the 359 hula, as well as Pete Kieselbach on vacuum.

Those folks know how to have good clean fun :slight_smile:

That was so much fun. Great memories from 2007 NJ Regional.

Pete-you definitely get the award for “best vacuuming at an event.”:wink:

After many years - a decade to be precise - of being forgotten about among the FIRST community, the placebo makes one last return to the spotlight. But the eternal question remains, “Does the Placebo actually suck?” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll take a dancing Pete over a Roomba every day.

ah pete…what a great mentor he is to our team…a great guy…and aparently he would make a great mrs. doubtfire! it was hysterical sitting behind the players station watching pete…we love him!

You are my hero. All the things that you do for FIRST students, look at the dedication, and you do it with such style and grace. Thanks for being a good sport.

So much for what happens in NJ stays in NJ! Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to give credit where it’s due: to my dance partner. In case you hadn’t noticed, the vacuum was leading.

good stuff pete…good stuff. see ya at phili!

Sky the head ref and Mr.G where also taking turns with Pete in danicng with the vacuum. While Audience was watching the dance they were also watching the extremely long conga line that was going out as far as the consession stands :ahh:.

i can just see great captions coming from this… thanks for all the help