pic: Dancing with the CD Stars

This is my 2006 CD Photoshop contest entry.

I know what you’re thinking, what possessed me to create this?
I was watching ESPN OTL Nightly while browsing the forums. I saw a segment about Jerry Rice on “Dancing with the Stars” after retirement. I looked at the contest picture for the first time and thought “Segway Tango!” (I need to sleep more) I filled in the speech bubbles the next day. I’ve never seen an episode of “Dancing with the Stars”, but this is what I imagine that they would say. One speech bubble I decided not to use (space issue) was Tytus saying:
“Wait till you see the Cha Cha Slide next week”

If you are curious, here is the original image.

LOL~! that is perfect!

i actually have danced on a segway before

… and crashed it. It was fun to take the segway away from you. =)

Haha, that’s amazing