pic: Dante Slash!


Some of the refs had to destroy the first ever keeper in the very first match of the regional.

Dante Slash!


I remember watching that and going, “I hope they have a lot of extras!” :yikes:

hahahahah we had a good laugh about that at our team meeting Friday nite! Cromer Smash and Dante Slash!!!

Dante Slash!

Hmmm. I’ve seen this show before.

I wish instead of cutting up the tubes they would give them to me instead.

I need about 6 more to have a cooler dorm room than Tom and Corey.

That particular tube now hangs in my office. We asked nicely for it after the match was over.

It’s hard to coach when you’re laughing so much!

couldn’t they just deflate the tube?

They needed to get it out fast.
They have extras.

would anyone like to explain what happened?

if its like the tube in the video, the tube was stuck in the robot after auton, so the refs took a knife to it :wink:

how stuck was it because i don’t think it would take 3 people to knife it.:ahh:

i think it was a pen or marker

That was the most stupid thing I have seen all year, why would you slash it, arent they suppost to wait to see it they will drop it in the first few seconds of human operated period.:confused: :confused: :confused:

well, they took them off the field. during the elims, even if it hit the floor they took them off the field.

we went through about 8 red keepers, 0 blue keepers, 5 spoilers and about 75 ringers of both colors.

Their job is to get the Keeper out ASAP so they can get on with the match.

I believe at GLR they left them in play if they were on the ground, I cante recal anywhere in the rules that they had to be removed from the field.

NO!! It’s so painful to watch! It took so long to inflate those tubes!!

This particular tube was stuck between the 2 robots, so they couldnt just pull it out. As to why they they always remove the tubes, I would guess they want to avoid late keepers, especially those scored in the first secs of teleoperated mode.