pic: Dante Slash!

Well the ones that are almost scored but they didnt drop i can see put the ones that are no where near the rack and they have to cut them, thats a waste, let tehm drop it

It wasn’t a waste. FLR only broke about 5 keepers all together. FIRST gives you about 15 keepers of each color for the regional, along with the extras that were used/not used in the previous regional.

We had plenty.

I agree it is a waste, and I think if you hold onto a keeper at the end of autonomous you should have to put it down safely in user mode, ensuring that your code/switches doesn’t accidentally score it (if you can code autonmous, you can do this). However, the Refs are being consistent by removing all keepers from the field, and consistent officiating is always a good thing.

That was the most stupid thing I have seen all year, why would you slash it, arent they suppost to wait to see it they will drop it in the first few seconds of human operated period.

No, it has to be suspended from the spider leg by the end of autonomous in order for the keeper to count. If it isn’t, it must be removed because it will screw up the scoring.

Ya i understand about the ones that are almost scored, but what about the ones that are on the floor from a miss, they werene touching them at GLR unless they were almost scored

At GLR, they left them in play (unfortunately). I though there was a rule about being able to release them and NOT score them after autonomous, otherwise you would get a penalty. I thought that rule was similar to the one about being able to remove a ringer at the end of the match without powering your robot up. However, many teams, such as mine, have to tether up at the end to lower the arm back down into position for travel to the pits.

EDIT: I thought it would be an interesting idea to drop it in the opposing alliances home zone during autonomous if you could not score…but since they removed them… :-\

Thanks for the conformation:D

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: I want one!

I’m pretty sure that guy just completely massacred the keeper more than he needed to. Somebody has aggression issues…

wow, i just saw the video and i am disapointed. he didn’t even try to take out the keeper, he touched it and knifed it. jesh…

In the beginning of one of our matches, our human player accidentally threw a ringer onto our robot’s team designation flag. We drove around for a little while trying to defend. (because we couldn’t legally pic up another tube) About a minute in, the tube got stuck under our wheel… And jammed up our drive train. Our driver continued to try to break free but could not.
At the end of the match, when he was trying to remove the tube from the robot so that he could remove the robot from the feild, he said the tube looked like someone shot it with a shotgun. The friction from the wheel had melted a huge hole in it.:frowning: :smiley:


had a good time reviewing that at the fri. night meeting…hilarious


hey i know that robot its Team 73 The VISIONEERS aka im the captian of the team so proud of that robot it was super powerful and it never let go lol…

why are people complaining about the keepers being slashed? it saves time for the team so they dont have to drop it they can go straight to getting a ringer… also it’s cool watching someone slaughter a helpless little tube with a knife haha. it adds comedy. plus it’s not like you had to pay for the keeper… i laughed hysterically when they slashed a tube at SVR…