pic: Dante

[quote] "This is Dante Capping our awesome Driver Bill Flaherty. Watch out for them in the New Jersey Regionals!!!"[quote]

I'm the handsome guy in the background at the controls.

SAFETY GLASSES!!![size=1] [size=2][font=Arial]looks like a strong arm though.

*yay this is my 400th post :slight_smile:

We only get this room for practice, but we’re hoping they don’t notice the black marks on the floor. SHHH

Yea we should have worn saftey glasses, we were just being lax…

i hope the tetra didn’t fall on his head, looks great though, are those omni wheels?

We made sure it could lift it and support it before we stuck him under there. If it was our captain we wouldn’t have been as careful… :smiley:

Yep, the omniwheels are from AndyMark and worth every penny of the $150ish we paid for them. Those, along with the big rubber wheels in the back are amazing traction-wise.

ya being captain sometimes has its downfalls

Quite literally when the tetra falls on you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man, it is so awesome driving with those wheels. Much better than when we had the stock wheels with just the transmissions on it a few weeks ago.

We have close to the same chassis except we got new aluminum and welded it all together… same shape and wheels though…
I like the arm, just don’t drop the tetra :cool:

Is that zip-ties that I see on the gray wheels? I would like to scream out “Hey, you stole our idea” but the thought that the idea came from innovation first to start with holds my tongue :wink:

No, those are not zip ties, the front wheels are omni-wheels and the back wheels are rubber. Very good traction and turning :smiley: