pic: Dat .08

MAR Week 4 Lenape ranking.

Literally a difference of 1 total point scored. Can’t get much closer than that. :eek:

Has anyone seen two teams have exactly the same avg score?

Yes, we were tied with 2767 at FIM Kentwood, and .08 behind 4967.

Yep, in Virginia the #7 and #8 had the same avg score. only one of them did coopertition points.

We tied again at St Joe behind 4237. At the start of the season I though ties were going to be rare. We did it twice already this season…

My analysis shows there are about 135 instances so far. Coop, auto and container points have been used to break ties but tote and litter points have not been needed yet.

I still remember the time when there was a perfect tie in the finals in 2012. It was in Detroit when 217 and 51’s alliance had the same exact balance, ball, auto, and penalty points as the opposing alliance.

Still, the Average Qualification Score method has resulted in far fewer ties than previous seasons with the win/loss “QS” system. Thus. the tie-breaker categories are far less important than in years past.

As far as the “recycle” of coopertition (not used since 2012 where it was crucial to determining rank), I am surprised to see that it is not that valuable, and many alliances will ignore it believing they can make up the 40 points elsewhere.:confused: