pic: DataZ For FRC

We heard you like stats…

Teaser Video:


So, it’d be pretty cool if you provided some info on what DataZ is. You don’t provide anything to go off of and a lot of people just don’t care enough to click a random YouTube link without any other info to entice them.

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After a few minutes of internet sleuthing, I’ve found that of the 2 FRC teams mentioned, one is sponsored by Zebra Technologies and the other is hosting an off-season invitational on Long Island in a couple of weeks. If I had to guess, I’d say someone at Zebra has adapted the RFID chips they use to track professional athletes to track FRC robots, and we’ll be seeing a demo of this at the event.

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Though the grid is 54x27…
But robots cannot drive through the airships. So I’m baffled.

You caught us, the area was cleared for this data set

Longest Distance Traveled: Square 88.64ft
Highest Peak Velocity: Circle 12.57 ft/s
Highest Delta Velocity: Circle 9.52 ft/s/s
Highest Angular Velocity: Triangle 122.29 deg/s

Would this be useful for scouting?
What about post match diagnostics?

It could be useful for scouting, but everyone would need to use it.

I think it would be best for analyzing your own teams’ actions in a match. I would love to be able to watch how efficient my cycles were this year. This would be an excellent tool to watch use for a driver to see what they actually did in a match.

You’re right, what good is it of only one team had access to it…
We would probably have to make this available to all teams at an event :wink:
Then of course keep the data public for the entire season

I am very excited by this technology. There are lots of possibilities: Better autos (depending on resolution), better scouting, better Driver feedback, better post-match strategy analysis etc etc.

If you don’t mind, can you give us rough idea of budget costs for an RTLS tag and antenna unit?

We believe this is very exciting technology as well! We also believe that the possibilities for it are far reaching.

Our goal is to make this system and its collected data available to all teams.

Stay tuned for more

I’m also intrigued by the potential for applying this to FRC and training drivers in defense and overall strategy.

On your website, it notes that the resolution for this system in an NFL game is about 6". Would this improve with the reduction in field size for FRC?

Yes, the resolution is proportional with the area covered, and can be improved with additional access points. (We have done Wherenet proof of concept in my work shop, I am sure the hardware and software triangulation has improved over the last 5 years too.)

The NFL’s system’s accuracy is determined by the ability to synchronize and not necessarily the area covered, under a certain amount.
By the way, Wherenet is also a Zebra product and advertises an accuracy of about 1 meter. :wink:

Yes, the NFL system that we are planning on using is worst case accurate to about 6 inches.
In our testing on FRC sized fields, we have seen some better accuracy than that. However, based on our experience with FRC auto modes, it is probably not accurate enough to *fully *control them.