pic: Dave and the banana

Since there has been some discussion around this, here is proof that Dave Lavery did have a banana in his pocket most of the day. Coordinated well with the shirt too.

This picture was taken at the FVC field.

IS IT A HINT!!!?!?!?!!?


Those are fish on his shirt. Underwater game?

Interesting …

Maybe Dave’s just bananas for FVC?

(c’mon, someone had to say it)

Ya know, all that shirt needs is a submerged robot and it would look exactly like that “game hint” picture . . .

This picture is so evil!

Did anyone check for PVC parts?

Dave just proves he has a-peel

Unfortunately nobody told Dave that “Hangin’-A-Round” was for Vex Robots and not for their Primate Cousins.

Maybe he just likes banana and fishes? :rolleyes:

Or maybe he just likes messing with people’s heads?

Is it bad that someone texted a picture of him with that banana to my phone on Saturday? sigh People enjoy torturing others

/agree , duh?

i mean who would be soo cruel :rolleyes:

I thought it was the absolute funniest thing watching Big Mike hand Mr.Lavery the Banana :stuck_out_tongue:

well we over here at 1745 have decided that the banana is a reference to monkeys . . and that monkeys are famous for being test animals for the space program and for throwing their own poo. so logically we have decided that this years game centers around the moon and poo.

currently we are on stage 2 of a lunar poo thrower . . unfortunately it doesn’t work that often, so we’ve taken to calling it the fickle fecal flinger.

the whole thing that the VEX Atlas Bal and the VEX bar give it away that he’s next to the VEX field