pic: Dave Lavery's Special delivery

I picture of A lego Space donut delivery ship from the 2006 Lego display out side the main entrance of the pits

The gun turret is a nice touch – guess it’s necessary to guard against donut bandits?

We know that Dave will go to great lengths (or altitudes, or velocities) for Krispy Kremes!

So how long till a real version is built?

…You mean that’s not real??


I mean I want to see a big enough ship to hold the Championship in it.

OOO!! First dibs on piloting that ship!

This makes me want to try and get Krispy Kreme as a sponsor, so we could try to build a team vehicle that looks like this. (Shuttle style Krispy Kreme Insight anyone?)

looks awful like the “planet express ship” from futurama…

That’s exactly what I thought, too.