pic: David Kelly after winning the 2009 Chesapeake WFA

David Kelly of Team 134 after being awarded the 2009 Chesapeake Regional WFA.

I would like to be the first to congratulate Mr. Kelly. He is one of the more quieter figures in FIRST, however, his impact on both his team and many other teams runs very deep. Over his 13 years he has touched so many young lives, including mine. He is a man who truly understands the meaning of gracious professionalism and the value of FIRST. He is a model all citizens of FIRST should aspire to become.

Congratulations Mr. Kelly


David Kelly was one of the first out of state (for me) FIRST mentors that got to know when I began my involvement in FIRST with 103. His demeanor is one of quiet, persistent confidence and he always finds the energy to dedicate to his students and the program. He’s very deserving of the WFFA and I’m thrilled for the whole Pembroke team. Congratulations.

Congratulations David.

I met David at 2008 Chesapeake and prior to this award, we hit it off as he struck me as a class act being right across us in the pit. I am not surprised he won at all.


Congratulations David! Well deserved! :slight_smile:

Congrats, Dave. I’ve always watched your team and how well they go about the business of FIRST quietly, no flash, just efficient. Now I know where they got it from.

The only time/first time I met David was on the field. 134’s robot was having trouble connecting to the field. All I know is that you’re a great person and an awesome coach! Congratulations!

Congrats Dave!! It was so exciting to hear your name get called… you deserve it!

Also congrats to your team for being able to capture in words what an awesome mentor you are!

Congratulations on being one of the newest additions to a group of great mentors. Thanks for all you do.

Congratulations Mr. Kelly. I was so excited when my dad told me that you won. You deffinately deserve this award. :slight_smile:


Congratulations David! You can see how much your kids look up to you every time we see the team! Oh, and watch out for flying objects when you do something like that!! :stuck_out_tongue: I heard those seagulls have pin point accuracy!

The slide showing the 13 other WFA nominees at Chesapeake has been sent to all the teams.
Congratulations David! We were honored to have you in the House.

Congrats, David. Keep up the excellent work and welcome to the “I *had *hair at the 2009 Kickoff” club!:smiley: (At least, that looks like a fresh haircut!)

Congrats Dave! It is a joy to know you and your team.

I love when awards are used for awesome. :slight_smile: