pic: David Kelly's long night


It was a long day for scorekeeper David Kelly…

He was so tired after the team party that he made this little whoopsie…

Fortunately the alarm was disabled :stuck_out_tongue:

Did the alarm sound?

That fine Indiana University education strikes again! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just for the record, Dean Simmons & The Kamen Bros used that door to get their equipment in and out, so the alarm was disabled…

Sure makes a great pic :wink:

Here was a recap of some of the action leading upto this point.
-Dean Simmons an the Kammens finish their first set.

  • Ozzy Kammen heads for the door labeled “fire exit, alarm will sound”
  • Security Personel Josh asks Ozzy “hey wont that alarm go off”
  • Ozzy opens door as josh cringes and says “nah we’ve been doing it all night, they turned it off for us…”
    -Josh breaths a sigh of relief.