pic: Davis Bot Left Disabled

After a rough mosh pit of 5 bots, this one gets the short end of the stick.

All i have to say in response to this is;

How? :confused: :eek:

I would like to know, WHY?

That’s at least the second battery on the field incident I’ve heard about this season.

These blast points - too accurate for Sand People. Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.

We have a winner :slight_smile:

Thats crazy that you posted that I was just watching that movie like an hour ago.

And this is why we limit the innertubes to 12m/s…

You obviously didn’tread the fine print on the manual.

All robot panelling must be able to withstand point blank blasts from a shotgun.

Tough break.


Ouch :ahh:

That scene was so bad that I didn’t even see it happen, I looked down for just a moment to write down some scouting notes and when I look back up, there’s a mess on the field.

And that’s our robot in the background, we ended up getting picked by them for eliminations.

i saw a few of these too. please, guys, build a real battery mount, preferably welded into your drivetrain. :]

I was watching that. That basically was the defense scene at Davis. It was intense. I believe just about everyone without bumpers had something like this (but not to that extreme) happen to them.

Davis was insane-like-a-fish!

That robot looks about in as much bad shape as Greg’s battlebot did.

And that robot was designed to slice through anything in it’s path (literally. I found video of it doing just that on Youtube). What robot did that to that poor little robot?

I have pictures oh this from the opposite angle. We were on deck when this happened. I’ll try to post them later.
I asked the team about it after the match when they were picking up the pieces. Let’s just say, there is a really good reason you use polycarbonate and not acrylic on robots.

We used some acrylic on one side of our mast in 2005 until we got lexan ready. Davis rolls around, and a team was particularly obnoxious in defending us in a couple of rounds (until we started lifting them by way of a tetra, then let them escape–but I digress). One round, they went up our (1/4"+ lexan) defensive wedges and hit the acrylic. The acrylic broke and we switched to lexan as soon as we could. Acrylic isn’t a good idea if there’s any chance it’ll get hit with even moderate force. I don’t think we’ve used acrylic since.

Was it harker? I think it might have been harker. They had the huge omnis that would climb on top of everything. They shredded our bumpers when we got into a pushing match with them during a practice round. We won the pushing, but they tore our bumper fabric up. I thought that stuff was tough too! Nothing a sewing needle couldn’t fix though.

Even though those Harker wheels were deadly, they still were pretty cool.

that is the second battery on the field that I saw at Davis, and I didn’t see a whole lot of the matches! 1031 had theirs come out too.

I think I saw two more batteries come out at AZ, they might have been 60 and 1290?

oh wow…ouch
i feel bad for the robot

can u email me the video at all or send a link?

[email protected]


Ouch! I was about 20 feet away when that happened (Mascot area) and the crowds response was non-to-eager…