pic: Dawgma 1712 Presents: Galactus

Meet Galactus, the latest addition to the Dawgma Family. You can meet him at the Philadelphia Regional. Coming in at a full 120lbs, this 9 fps monster loves to take the ball and throw it over the overpass. Look out, Dawgma’s Coming.

With that pretty maroon paint it’s hard to tell that the claw is made of… :cool:

OOOOooohh Perdy.

Great work as always guys, can’t wait to see it in action!

Nice logos & artwork!

videos pleas!

Looking good guys! Good luck at Philly

I assume the sign in the background says “No Whining” not something like “We encourage Whining”

You mean this sign? :stuck_out_tongue:

looks good-

your team is really developing!!


As soon as I figure out if you’re being complimentary or not, I’ll know if you need to be fired ;).

In all seriousness, I’d like to thank all of the hard working students on 1712 and a dedicated group of college mentors who really stepped up and helped us see this one through. Mike, Zac, Alex, and Sean have been entirely invaluable this season and our involved teaching staff really appreciates the dedication. A special shout out to JVN (latex tubing rocks!) and others who help us electronically on occasion when we need engineering support.

Thanks Wayne! While I’m sure we won’t be the best hurdler, ground gamer, or lap runner out there, I do belleve we’ve done a good job at reaching a stretch goal for sure. I’m proud of the crew for all of its accomplishments this year - with the robot and in the community.

As for video, etc - As soon as we finalize the claw deployment mechanism in a day or two (the locking pins are really cool by the way), we’ll shoot some video and more stills for everyone.

ps: Don’t think I didn’t notice that link of yours, Chuck. :slight_smile:

I’m so glad our team is going to Phily to see Dawgma and Galactus in action! :slight_smile: It looks great!

Awesome looking bot, guys! Congrats!

Looking forward to seeing Galactus in action on the Track at Philly!


Good luck in Philly…

Wow, that is a beautiful bot. I can’t wait to see it in action!

I like it… No Pvc this year?

HAHA! Yes no PVC…well very little that is. Less than 1 foot total would be my guess. But I am also as suprised as you we didn’t use that much this year. Initially our arm was going to be made of PVC but we decided on 1" box tube that we keyed ourselves for the arm.

I loved your PVC usage in the past few years oh well. How do you score I can’t figure it out yet lol.

Well the arm is powered by a Taigene motor which will lift our roller claw, which uses a FP on an XRP gearbox to pull in and spit out the ball. The arm has about a 7’ reach so we can easily clear the overpass.

Nice idea. :