pic: Dawgma 1712 Week 4

looking good

Very nice, looks a lot like our bot. Are you planning on having a hopper of some sorts in the back? If so, how do you plan on integrating it with the conveyor belt system? Good luck with the rest of build, post a week 5 picture please :stuck_out_tongue:

Any vids of how its going so far?

Is that two CIMs running your mechanism? It certainly won’t be short on power! Are you guys putting anything at the top of the mechanism to allow balls to stack up, or is it in it’s final configuration in this picture?

this is a final configuration. you cant see it in the picture but there is a camera mounted on top of the conveyor system. it works pretty well, we can get about 4 out of 5 orbit balls into the trailer at a time. We have video, it will be posted soon.

we found that running it with one CIM, while it was enough torque to start the mechanism over time it would draw tons of amps…if you haven’t been in the loop about polycord having that many belts of it with only 3% extra on each causes a lot of tension, especially on that center roller.

some time soon we will be sure to post more pictures and video so be on the look out for it.

let me know if you have any more questions. :smiley:

How do you collect without spilling balls out the top? Are your software guys super good, or is there some sort of block that isn’t visible from this angle that retracts when you shoot?

that is all operator skill, the balls will hold in the conveyor without falling out at any point, as we accumulate we only move the conveyor up slowly as to not make them all fall out the top until it is ready to shoot. out software guys are awesome though, you will see some video of autonomous using the camera really soon.

TBD depending on time left in the build