pic: Dawgma 'Alice' Isometric

how many balls can you hold? Looks very sleek and professional(spellcheck)

It does look very sleek and professional.

Do you have any protection for that front roller? In Aim High we had an 18" opening on our front with a guarded roller, and the guards (2"x1/8" C channel) would only last a match or two before they folded in to the point they were touching the roller. Or are you just banking on most robots being short enough they come in under the roller and just bang against the frame?

Very Sleek & Professional (in FIRST Terms, nice imagery! :cool: )

well, we can fit the starting 7 plus maybe 2 more.

yes, there is a piece a polycarb there…its just hard to see it. The opening we have for our roller is 7 or 8 inches (I can’t remember which)

What do consider as your “hopper” space?

This is a very similar design to the one we are using.

latest auto testing from today:
We’re getting there - robot is making better decisions on ball delivery and smoothing drive function calmed down the slippage and jerky motion. This was also on a rather drained battery which we could attribute the delayed motion to. After running with a full battery, the ball system started more quickly upon being in range.