pic: Dawgma, now Potassium Powered.

Bananas make excellent claws.

I don’t know…I’m still worried that this will get us disqualified…are you SURE this is a valid COTS item???

I believe you can purchase a bannana for under $500 at your local super market.

True, but the cost of those killer sunglasses might just break the bank. :cool:

Is anyone else thinking that its peanut butter jelly time?? lol

Now all you have to do is get it to dance.

http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/1272/bananadancepk4.gif http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/140/banana2gm5.gif http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/1272/bananadancepk4.gif

actually…im thinking peanut butter, honey, bread…whens lunch…oh yeah, next class…

Hey Dowgma,
That pic inspired us to make a few changes to our grabber design. We are not stealing your intellectual property. Our design has added features and is in our opinion different enough that we will aggressively defend our selves against any Intellectual property infringement charges. However, if Dogma should modify their current design to approximate our design we would have to defend our intellectual property. Be fore warned.

you guys can use any part of the design you’d like. happy to help.

Does Dave know about the banana?

By all means–fruit-Inspired design is what the “I” in FIRST stands for.

what bearings are you using for those wheels, and where can I get them? (the bearings that attach to the frame that is)

You Know if you choose the proper pivot points and add a cylinder or 2 you could have a Flippin Bannana.

This looks a really awesome design. Would it be possible for someone from 1712 to post a close-up of how the manipulator is attached to the lift? I’m very curious as to how you did this.

If thats too much info to ask for, sorry.



The manipulator is actually still not attatched at all to the robot. When we are closer to completion we may post a pic on how it works, most likely later in the season.

This is actually just a teaser pic of the basic shape of our pick up system. We may or may not post more pictures of our design, but this is NOT a complete product by all means. One thing I can say is we will ALWAYS be within the 80" cylinder.