pic: Dawgma Robot end of week 3

Kressly, I’m so happy that the layout ink I got you guys is going to good use.
Perhaps change the teams colours to blue and black now?

yea, sylvia got a little too excited with all that jazz…we have been using that dentist tool too, just not for what you had intended. It serves very well as a way to move around drop-in’s:D

Do you guys have some sort of tensioning system for that polyurethane belting? We used one of those last year, and by the end of a week, it was already stretching out, and by the end of the season it was virtually useless. Or is there some kind of zen/jedi mind control thing going on here that I’ve missed where you just make the belts scared to distend?

did you use solid core or hollow?

How does it work, if you get video be sure to post. :slight_smile:

Solid core, from McMaster-Carr. Transparent extruded polyurethane belting that had been fused at the factory. We had one belt running from a motor to a couple of wheels at the end of an arm that pulled the ball in. By the end of the regional, the wheels would barely spin at all because there was so much slack in the belt.

A video will be posted by the end of the week. its pretty nifty. :smiley:

This is one reason why my team is using hollow core this year - if it needs to be retensioned, just snip off an inch and insert a new barb.