pic: Dawgma Ship

We didn’t take any real pictures of the robot leaving and one of our members (who is obsessed with taking pictures of EVERYTHING) got upset…so we mspainted a picture of what happened.

Where is the sleeping lead mentor that belongs in this photo? :wink:

well I guess he’s not in the crate with the bot cause you’re still posting :wink: Best of luck Dawgma. See you in Philly

I think you need legal bumpers on that crate…

It figures. There goes Kressly again. Always managing to get the really good looking truck drivers to come pick up 1712’s robot crate…


That shipping guy is very happy…

and driving with no hands…

without safety glasses

You still have time, I’m sure the 116 crate hasn’t left yet :smiley:

Every team should have a team member who cares about documenting the team work/efforts as much as yours does. And every team member should have a team that supports their efforts for the team as much as yours does.

This is great.

and no shirt.

and no hair.

Wait, it IS Kressly!!! :slight_smile:


I’m very flattered Laverys. However, this guy is waaaaay to skinny to be me. Karthik, perhaps?

I dunno. With that pasty, pale, never-spent-more-than-five-minutes-in-the-sun complexion, I still think it is you. Now I know why the students on your team call you “Big Rig Rich.”


Phil! I am NOT obsessed! Listen to Jane Young!!! Documenting the process is super important. And by documenting the process i do mean sticking the camera in your face as much as possible just to make you mad!!! :smiley:

I absolutely agree with this! An important part of the engineering design process is documenting your design. Dawgma has done an excellent job bringing us along for the ride without many limitations. Looking forward to seeing you in DC and Philly.

Delia, you’re obsessed. I can safely say you’re the only person to phsyically beat me for ruining a photograph. :rolleyes:

Unfortunately, 1712 won’t be competing in Philly this year, although several members will still be in attendance as volunteers and guests.

Only someone who stops a car to take a photo at the Boxcar Willie Overpass could come up with something like this. You’ve got the song “Convoy” on your iPod too, don’t you?

:smiley: Did you notice how I stepped around the word, obsessed? :smiley:

Ha! I wanna know if the truck is in motion still.:slight_smile:

Honestly, I would have thought you were talking about me, were I still a team member.
Good job, Delia!