pic: DAWGMA VEX Area

Team 1712 was happy to help out team 341 with running the Vex Demonstration in the Lobby at Ramp Riot. The game and field setup that we brought is the same as in our Portable Inspiration paper found here. We had a great time at Ramp Riot and we hope everyone enjoyed the Vex Area.

We are very much in debt to Team 1712 for doing this. One of the nicest things about the growth of Ramp Riot is this opportunity to get other people involved. ( i.e. DAWGMA, NEMO, NJ FTC, and the many volunteers from area teams) It enriches the event and makes everyone feel more connected to each other.

Thanks DAWGMA for helping out, we could not have had the Kid’s Driving Zone without you this year. :slight_smile: