pic: Day 2: Field elements completed

We decided to work one Sunday afternoon to build the field elements. I hope it helps speed up the prototyping process.

How heavy is your pyramid and what design did you follow to create it?

we used the team field drawings to create the pyramid. Instead of using gussets we welded the 1 and 1/2" tube together.

We thought the black 1 and 1/2" pipe was cost prohibitive so we found a ton of galvanized steel pipe and decided to use that. The diameter was a bit off (1.66") but I think it will work for our purposes.

It can easily be pick up by two students, but I think you would need three to move it because of the size of the item.

Where are you storing all of it? How structurally sound is it? Also, do you plan on putting the basket on top? Looks great.

I hope you were careful welding galvanized pipe. Zinc oxide fumes can be very unpleasant. Here is one discussion of welding galvanized steel, in case there are other readers interested.

We have an awesome built site with an excited mentor who is letting us take over a portion of their space for the season. The small goal fits inside the large one so that helps with storage.

The Pyramid seems to be holding up. We has 150 lbs mentor hanging in it at the end of the day. The guys who helped build it suggested a weight limit of 300 lbs per rung.

Looks great! Am I misreading something, or is the size of the pipe 1-1/4", not 1-1/2?

I believe the Official field drawings says 1.5" and the team field says 1.25".

Oh 1086, you guys make me more and more jealous of you everyday. First your Legen-Dairy drive system, and now this! I wish we got to see you guys more often; we’ve missed you since Virginia '11! Amazing work, as always. That’s a “muenster” of a task to get done in one day!

Is that a team car in the background? :wink:

You’re also missing the pyramid goal in this picture, but I’m sure that little “feta” is around there somewhere. :smiley:

The team field calls for 1 1/4 black pipe that has a true OD of about 1.66. The official field drawings say 1.5" OD which I’m guessing would be cold rolled steel as there isn’t pipe with that OD.

Hey Ryan!
You wouldnt believe how much we miss seeing you guys. We all really hope to run into you again at Champs! Working with FRC bots from New Jersey is as good as having an M1 Abrams on your side!

That’s actually the main sponsor’s car that they are fixing up and integrating their own products with! (Powertrain Control Systems)

The top we are going to slap on at some other point, we just wanted to get the main structural body welded together. And yes, we had the bay doors open and other precautions in place to counter the welding process side-effects.

I think the confusion comes from pipe vs tubing. Tubing is measured o.d. pipe is measured I.D. The official field uses 1.5" DOM tubing, the “cheap” field uses 1 1/4" pipe (slightly larger than 1.5"). Pipe is much cheaper.

We also got our Field Elements built today. Except we built the entire field wall. Click the link below to see them.

One might be asking, why did they do this? The answer… Because we’re crazy. And we’re really lucky and have room to store them. And we want to visualize the whole field while we design and build.

One of our sponsors is building the Pyramid from cold rolled steel for us.

We like hosting off season events so we knew we would build the whole field elements at some point. Might as well be at the beginning of the season…


We (the alumni) have been working on the field too, but we decided to use the black pipe and only build half of the pyramid. Originally the plan was to use something cheaper to build the pyramid, but then there was concern about bending of the practice pyramid not being the same as the competition pyramid.

I have to say that’s a really nice space. It even looks like you could fit a full field in there.

That being said, if you get electric welded (ERW) tubing, you can have the end resulting price be very similar to pipe. Granted the disadvantage of ERW is you are going to have the weld flash making it difficult to nest tubes and duplicate the official construction technique.

Do you have any other ideas as to what we could build it out of? I don’t think our sponsor will let us weld things, so preferably something that snaps lol.


Check out this link and look for the “team drawing” section. This has a design that is held together by u-bolts. It should be able to be disassembled.

And it has step by step assembly. Thanks!