pic: Dazed and Confused

What happens when I started working on lasts years bot in the middle of the '05 build season. Not to mention, it had also been sitting in highbay for 7 months.

Don’t let Jay fool you. This isn’t a one time deal, he looks this confused most of the time :wink:

as always, the safety glasses are doing a great job protecting the forehead :slight_smile:

At this point in time i was just putting a wheel on. Also, where i was working is in the back corner of our work area, behind the cabinets, and next to where we store our crate.


looks a lot like a dear caught in a pair of head lights

Yup, deff a loser :stuck_out_tongue:

I haev always liked this picture tho.

Whaaaa? Duct tape can’t be used for structural support? Too much robots and too little sleep.

Why is he putting his foot under the robot to tie his shoe laces?

I hope something fun and interesting was done with all of the centers of the speed holes I see.

that robot has an… interesting frame. i actually have a friend who went to her senior prom wearing a dress she made herself out of duct tape (it was the coolest looking thing). :cool:

The duct tape is just there to hold a weight on the back bumper (some big chunk of aluminum we had laying around, I think we “borrowed” it from mini-baja).
Putting some balast on the back allowed us to pick up some objects slightly heavier than the 2004 big-ball.

Chairs, Desks, Garbage Cans… you get the idea. Fun for demos.

haha i love this pic of u Jay! Tho i’d admit i’ve never really seen u confused…yet that is…haha lol And with the safety glasses on the forehead, sounds much like my team, i never wuld wear them in the pits unless we were actually told to…haha well ttyl
*MeL :smiley:

I feel like I’ve had many a night where I look like this…