pic: DC Shuttle Flyby

My fiancee got to see the shuttle fly by on its way to the Udvar-Hazy Center. A few teams will be there demo’ing their robots this weekend.

That’s awesome.

Kinda freaky to see how they piggy-back the shuttle onto a 747…

“Mommy mommy look! A plane is carrying a space shuttle!”

“Sure it is dearie…”


That’s so awesome! Thanks for sharing. :smiley:

what is really freaky is how i agree that this is cool and how i wish i could have seen it myself.

Fun fact: they transport the space shuttle with other aircraft because the fuel cost to get it off the ground would be larger then the cost for flying it around the world on a jumbo jet.

It was a sad day on the space coast. :frowning:

It was incredible to see thousands of people lining one of the highways and bridges on a trip into DC today - hanging out of windows and sun roofs and cars pulled over on curbs, median strips, and in parking lots. Everyone just stopped and watched. Entire families. Some really big cameras and little camera phones.
It was the novelty of it, but it felt like everyone was paying respect.

This makes me very sad.

Bittersweet. The shuttle represents so much to so many. I wonder what’s next?!

What an outstanding photograph. Wish I was there to pay my respects too.

Sad and beautiful. I was on the beach this morning and saw it head south and then turn back north. Definitely sad but an awesome sight.

I’ve had some veryfondmemories of this vehicle.

Discovery has been to space more times than any other vehicle, and therefore has my vote for the greatest machine to ever fly.

There are many great documentaries of the Shuttle Program, for in depth information I advise Discovery Channel’s documentary When We Left Earth

For a quick inspiring 15 minute overview, I love William Shatner’s tribute “The Space Shuttle

…also, quite entertaining is how William Shatner woke up the final crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery