pic: de_c4rt

this is a cart that does not suXxor!

Awsome… What is it? (I know you said it was a cart, but shouldn’t it be level or something?)

So that’s how you get your robot off the cart without lifting it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say awesome too. Is it remotely operated and how does it work? Did you use pneumatics or hydraulics? It’s also got to be fun trying to push the cart while it’s hopping.

I’d like to see a different view of it, maybe when it IS level with the ground. Very awesome, indeed. From the view there, it really is hard to tell how it all moves and works. Good job!

I am a mechanic…and those black things between the “legs” and the cart bed are very recognizable. Those are the “airbags” that you hear about it you ever hear about airbag suspension on cars. That is an air tank in the middle of the under carriage. The leg is attached to the cart beyond the airbag at the point that is the origin of the angle between the cart and the leg. The airbag is between the cart bed and the leg and therefore within the angle. By adding air into the airbag and inflating it, it widens the angle and lifts the cart. Each airbag is operateed independently, so you can cause some crazy tilts as seen in the picture.

Aren’t you worried about destroying your robot? Or is it only going to use the pneumatics when it’s not a robot cart?

Oh man!

I saw that cart being demo’d in the hallway at GLR this weekend and all I can say is that is pretty sweet…its not a light movement its a heavy beating…im sure it could easily kill someone

Sorry I couldn’t post back sooner I was at the GLR. I didn’t make the cart but I can kinda speak for the guy who did. We dont hit the switches when the robot is on the cart or when we are in a crowed area. They main purpose of the airbags is the lift the cart up to do work on the robot from eye-level, other than that it is just super cool to have and a great talking point with other teams. I will try and get Joe Newby on here if you guys have any technical questions.