pic: Dead Segway


Overuse of Segway at Nationals may result in failure.

I have a hard time believing that overuse caused this. Does anybody know the real story? Has it been GIMPed(or photoshopped)?

To me it looks like the gyros went out. Oops

Or it was turned off and set down… which is probably the most likely cause.

overuse=dead battery, or, more likely, a joke and the thing was really just turned off as suggested above.

Could this be Dean’s segway?

During the closing ceremonies my team was sitting in the first two rows behind the podium since we made the finals…

Dean came riding up close, got off his segway, and then to my amazement plugged it in. He simply plugged his segway in. How awesome is that?

Of course, that is when Matt Atallah and all the others decided to mug him and Woodie.

I saw this too, it was either a Segway with a dead battery, or just plain turned off. It was NOT Dean’s Segway, his battery got low, so he got off it and left it to charge by the A/V booth (I saw this happen). I suspect one of the Innovation First people left it there on accident.

That’s an iSeries guys, dean’s is a pSeries. Note the tire size. Anyway, the Seg was turned off and rested on a surface. It did not ‘die’ nor did it malfunction. When people arn’t on it, then they don’t balance. Simple as that. If you were at the VIP lounge, then you though that it would be a slaughter house of Segways…

I just described it as “Dead Segway” because it looked funny and it looked like it just fell over and died, probably not what happened but it did look pretty funny!
Probably just turned off.

I saw a number of these from Wednesday into Saturday. They are not dead, but indeed off. I saw many people plug their segways in, especially during mealtime in the volunteer lounge. They would rest the segway against the wall, whip out a cord, and simply plug it in. There is a “kickstand” type mode, where the segway will balance with no one standing on it, but it does take battery power to fight the forces of gravity. The ideal method of temporary storage is to turn it off though, since there is no cooldown or warm up time, simply turn it on and go.