pic: Dean and I have some fun outside of FIRST

Hiteak meets Dean at RIT reception before the RIT Graduation.

Is that Dean Kamen NOT wearing a denim shirt? Or is that a very very light blue denim?

Its a light blue denim. During the actual ceremony, he looked uncomfortable in robes.

Awwwwwww…that’s a great picture.

Congratulations on your Graduation :slight_smile: I graduated from HS on Sunday, so I understand you must feel liberated. What did you study?

. Dean was the keynote speaker at RIT’s graduation. Dan just graduated from Rush Henrietta High school(1930)

Actually he didnt grad. from HS yet, couple more years

I didn’t graduate.I actually got invited by some people at RIT who know me and wanted to see his speech and congratulate one of our mentors from the team.

Ah! Sorry, I assumed :slight_smile:

I hope he didn’t graduate. I don’t want to get into 1930 without the guy. I’d be kinda clueless as to what to do. ha ha.