pic: Dean and Nick


Dean with Nick Galotti wearing a NERD shirt and decked out in face paint after winning the chairman’s award with Team 190 at BAE.

Congratulations to our WPI friends who are most deserving of this award! And nice picture, Nick, but I think someone beat you to it!

Perhaps I’m nuts, but is Dean wearing something that isn’t denim?

He was in denim.
It was just a lighter denim.

The coat was definitely not denim.

However, I am more impressed with Nick’s ability to paint the NERD logo on his forehead.

It wasn’t that nice of a picture, it is a little blurry. So who beat me to it?

Great Job WPI, team #190, and Nick. WPI is certainly one of the premier FIRST teams, they are a great example for us all. :slight_smile: