pic: Dean and Woodie Signed Saftey Glass

I got Dean to sign the Left side at the Bayou Regional (3/10) and Woodie to sign the right side at the Boston Regional (3/24).

Now how can you wear them? If safety needs absolutely clear glasses, then you are going to need a new pair.
Nice catching both Woodie and Dean at the same time. I bet you could auction it as a fundraiser!

i actually have a pair that’s signed by dean and woodie from last year too - i was fortunate to run into both of them at championships last year
their signatures are kinda small [they signed along the top]
and woodie’s is kinda fading
and the glasses are pretty badly scratched so its kinda unusable, but still really cool

I can kind of read Dean’s name, but Woody’s looks more like a scribble. Especially his last name.

Those are so cool! Nice job tracking them down for their autographs.

I wonder when Dean created first he ever thought he would be signing safety glasses. One of the few people that is famous enough to sign autographs for strangers, and has made a difference in the world. Unlike some other celeberties cough-Paris Hilton-cough! who hinder our society. (maybe even force society to take a few steps backwards.)

You can now use them to protect your forehead while another pair for your eyes

It would have to be within FIRST though because you would say who signed it and a person would go, “Woodie and Dean who?”

Defianantly, while I’m worrying to my friends whether or not Dean or Woodie will show to our regional(because Dean did last year but I had no time to get an autograph because we had a major programming and electrical problem and plus I’m a driver), my friends would say “Dean who?”, "Woodie Flower what?. They’re more interested in talking about who’s Anna Nicole’s baby’s daddy.