pic: Dean Caiman

Well, it’s officially that part of the offseason where we all lose our minds again.

Woody Flowers

I found a place for this: https://www.reddit.com/r/frc

Gray Shoes Professionalism

Charmin - a ward



*got this one while wearing my FTA vest in an airport security queue a few years ago


Rob Oreo

How did you get photos on there since attachments are not allowed. I tried using the “insert image” function in the toolbar but it instead had a link instead of them image. Thanks

You can use imgur* to upload then link to it via the toolbar.
Or just right click on any online image and select “copy image location” to get the url

*other sites are available

Please Please Please make sure it is <1000 pixels across! People who post 12MP photos this way are the bane of this forum

Luna sea.

Re - Bound - Rum - Bowl

Can Bus

(in) chief del phi

Yup, heraldry, differential calculus, and robotics, all in one pun!

Blue Banner

Recycle Rush

I love you all.

Triple Play

FIRST (over) drive, Aim (high), (break)away, (double) Trouble