pic: Dean in a Skirt

Check it out! We got Dean to finally change up his all demin and boots look in Ann Arbor this weekend.

i was at this event and it was so amazing how the superstar of robotics showed up. i got him to sign my hat and he walked through our pit! that pumped up the energy in the room sooo much.

I love how at the Ann Arbor competition it looked like a celebrity was there from the long lines waiting for his autograph! I know I waited at least a half hour to get him to sign my shirt and our team’s white triangle. :smiley:

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. Did Dean wear it for the rest of the competition, or did he take it off?

(Also, Jim, is that black gaffer’s tape holding your skirt on? o.O)

I wonder what influenced the GDC to call it the uber-tube this year as I look at that uber-tube skirt.

Woah! :ahh:

I can haz white triangle? :smiley:

Well, this is pretty high on my list of things that I’m pretty sure are going to disturb me for the rest of my life…

He took it off rather quickly. When he was signing foreheads and countless other things, he wasn’t wearing it.

Jim was rocking his tube skirt! Dean’s got a thing or two to learn, it seems.

Jim, this is why everyone loves you.

OK, among other reasons… but this is definitely up there.

This is going on that list too… :ahh:

It takes a dedicated MC to wear a skirt!

One member of our team who everyone calls “ubertube” (or “Übertube”) wore an ubertube up to get an award with our team. I don’t know if the judges looked at him funny or anything though.

Ya know. . . Judges wear the stuff too:

Check the Waterford pics. Some of us are horizontally challenged and wore them around the neck. Lobster anyone ?



aka: The Candyman (Waterford & Detroit)

Yes, that is gaffer tape holding my skirt up.
The tubes are “one size fits all” and are not really my size.
I did not want to have a wardrobe malfunction while running around on the field.

I like his new look

It’s great to see Dean grinning like a kid. I’ve seen another photo of the 2 of you in your tubes and his grin is delightful to see.


Team 1675 has been wearing tube skirts since 2007 :smiley: And one of our drivers not only rocked a brown and yellow zentai suit, but also an ubertube. :slight_smile:

Didn’t wear my black spoiler skirt this season yet, and probably won’t anymore though.

I left instructions on the judges table that said “wear as skirt or cape”…after I had briefly tried the night before to put on a triangle. Maybe I was doing something wrong, because it didn’t fit.

It takes a mans man to wear a skirt… or at least a 573 man :wink:

I was especially entertained when Jim was calling us down for an award and he said “this team combines two skir… SCHOOLS”

I wish I had a picture of it, but at SBPLI, 358’s drive team wore blue morph suits amd tube skirts all weekend