pic: DEAN KAMEN and Team 1070

Yeah, at the Silicon Valley Regional, Dean Kamen gave us a speech about our homework and innovation and participation in FIRST among our governors. My team raced down to our pit, begged our coach to let us to take a picture with Dean Kamen, then we went to find him. My friend and I were screaming and jumping up and down and we kept pointing him out! It was truly exciting…

lol, Dean looks like he belongs on your team!

It was really cool having the other DreamWorks team at SVR. We have invited some of the DreamWorks crew from PDI, and they’ll be excited to see both of our bots in action.

Nice job at LA, I’m sure you’ll be able to repeat your sucess at SVR:]

Yeah. i know i was the One NEXT TO DEAN Kamen. He was the reason we won the next match!!!

lol… yeah pretty much our team was seriously excited when we saw Dean Kamen… they were jumping up and down lol. taking a picture w/ him couldn’t be more cooler! lol…
he’s realli cool and funny (he commented on our height…) :smiley:

Where’s the tiara???

you girls should have hooked dean up with a tierra. :smiley:
very exciting! i would have been jumping up and down too. :smiley:

Actually, we did afterwards. lol He shook my hand and I was like, “I’ll never wash this hand again.” (though i did after having touched the lubricant for our lift system) Another girl and I were complete Kamen Fangirls. We were so excited.

Yeah…you definitely know you’re overdosed on FIRST when you jump up and down when you see Deam Kamen & want his picture and autograph!

Heh, and that banner makes the perfect backdrop! (I keed, I keed)

Anyways, cool. Did any of you get his autograph or something?


People get really excited elsewhere when they see Dean Kamen, don’t they?

He’s always at GSR. It’s not like “OMG DEAN KAMEN!” It’s more like “Oh, Dean Kamen. How long do you think his speech will be this time?”

Woody Flowers is a different story. He isn’t always at GSR.

no… we should’ve tho… it would have been amazing if he signed our tiaras :stuck_out_tongue:

it was our first time meeting him so we were pretty amazed