pic: Dean Kamen with 2630

Dean Kamen was touring the pits and the media decided it was a good idea to snap some photos of Dean with our robot

(I agree! now we have an awesome picture of Dean Kamen with our robot! :slight_smile: )

p.s. kids always wear safety glasses! forehead protectors are for chomps!

One awesome guy, with one awesome robot!
Great picture guys =]

Where were the pits at the regional this year and why did the setup change?

The pits were outside the arena in a very big and long tent, a small sleeve (like in an airport when boarding a plane) connected the pits to the stadium directly.

The setup was changed because there were 36 teams this year which meant that if they were to be housed inside we would again have to go for the split-pit (funny word) setup where half are inside, close to the floor, and half are on the outskirts of the building (in the peripheral rings).

this causes some problems:
1)there is no 1 pit administration.
2)teams on the outskirts feel neglected and they are not viewed as much as the other teams.

also, the peripheral rings were almost entirely closed off due to renovations.

all in all it was a very good call in my opinion and I hope they go for a similar setup next year…


I would blow up that picture and put it on my wall.

Actually, the pits could no longer be at the stadium because it’s other half (the one not used for FRC) was used for FLL.

Couldn’t the FLL be in the upper concourse like last year?

I don’t get it, what is this thread about exactly?

The pits were there, the competition itself was on the field

David used to compete in Israel and noticed that the PIT location has changed… so he asked why (I would just as surprised as him if I saw this photo… our competition was usually set up the way Hawaii was this year…)

Actually, the pits could no longer be at the stadium because it’s other half (the one not used for FRC) was used for FLL.

Liron - I thought the FLL being on the main field was an offshoot of the Idea to put the pits outside… once they were outside they freed up half the field so they thought “let’s put the FLL there…” but you are more of an “insider” than me so maybe you know something I don’t :slight_smile:

Back on track with what this thread should be about…

I noticed that this year I was much much more interested in what Dean has to say in his speeches - a couple of years ago I was like “get on with it!” (:o ) but this year I was disappointed when he stopped talking! :smiley:


This is the first time I have ever seen Dean not on a “p” series, I wonder if he is promoting the new Seg series, or if his p finally retired?

Just about to mention that, especially since that just seems like a bad model the use for it’s purpose. Maybe he couldn’t get the p to Isreal and just borrowed someone’s there?

UMI (Representing GM in Israel) Import the segway to Israel.
I believe they have at least one of every kind to loan Dean Kamen.

point being: I don’t think he is riding the X2 because he couldn’t get anything else…


LOL, I would actually find it funier if Dean paid the money to ship the thing to Israel as cargo/freight due to the Lithiums!