pic: Dean Simmons and the Kamens

An after performance picture of Dean Simmons and the Kamens.

Ok, so we have from left to right…

Slash from Guns and Roses
Buddy Holly?
I have no idea who Baker is supposed to be
No idea who the dude with the afro is, or who he is supposed to be
And at the end, is that Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray? - edit: NO WAY… LMAO… Is that supposed to be Gunther??? LMAO…

Ok, I’m bad at this “name the rocker” game…

But then again, I just got the relevence of Dean Simmons equalling Gene Simmons from KISS… I thought it was odd that they incorporated Richard Simmons’ last name (The only other Simmons I know of) into the band name…:rolleyes:

I was wondering who caught that … or who was going to be the first to mention it, at least.

Baker kinda does look like ozzy to a certain extent… and whoever has the curly wig could be ZZtop!?! =P

So what do I win?
I’d like a signed copy of the DS&TKB cd when you release one…:cool:

Here’s the scoop: the only guys who were trying to copy real rock starts were Brandon (slash) and Andy (Ozzy). The rest of us were trying to live up to the goofy, grungy, out-of-touch-with-the-world personna that we made up with the letters to chiefdelphi.com. We figured the more outlandish and retro the costumes were, the better they would be. We were just trying to have fun.

As for the afro, I was originally thinking of the mullet (like Scheck’s), but I saw the afro at a costume shop so I tried it on. My wife laughed so hard for about 5 minutes that her sides hurt and she had tears rolling down her cheeks. At that point I knew - the afro was IT.

There’s also some history with drummers and big 'fros, like Don Henly and the drummer from Boston (see the picture below).



I’ve been dying to know, where did he get the mullet wig? That thing is awesome!

Isn’t that great :smiley:

I found it in a local costume shop in the suburbs of Chicago. Cost me about $20, but is definately well worth it. I mean, c’mon, when can you not use a good mullet wig?

AH HA!!!

I knew I saw that wig before. Look HERE and look at the person at the bottom left.

Look familiar? And that picture was taken sometime near 01-27-2004.

Wow… That’s all I have to say.