pic: Dean's 2007 Homework pays-off!!!!!


The fruits of Dean’s homework!

after the kickoff last year, our team contacted all of our federal and state representatives from our area. we heard back from our State Senator Michael Nozzolio. He came to one of our team meetings last year…we gave him a big presentation on FIRST and what it means…He told us that he would go talk to the senate on our behalf and hopefully spread the news. we then saw him again at our villiage days and he got to see and drive the robot that we were building and he was very impressed. he asked what he could do so we told him that we needed some equiptment but didnt actually think anything would come of it…it is the government after all…but this past saturday we had a meeting with him and he gave us this check!!! and he said that he is hoping to get more senators throughout the state to get involved to and support/start teams!!!

Lol thats awesome! But whats going to happen when you try to get the bank to cash that check? They might look at you kind of funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations SparX! You have worked so hard, and I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work! :yikes:

yeah i went today…oddly enough it doesnt fit in the vacum tube so i had to go inside lol…i dont knw when we get the real one

Good job guys!
That should really help get the ball rolling again around the Rochester area after a couple of years of slow growth (1 rookie team per year).
Keep up the good work!http://www.mysporttrac.com/~library/2290/Gifs/Smiley-Thumbs%20up.gif

Excellent level of commitment guys. Truly outstanding. Now…if only you could talk to Brandon Martus of what to do with some left over money. IMO, I think it would be an even greater philanthropic act to give most of it away since you’re pretty much done machining for this year. I’m not saying you should, it would just be a great gesture to be coming from your team. Anyway, have fun with all that $$$:D

Any plans on what the money will be used for?

just wondering.

yea we thought about this…but because the Senator got the money specifically for our team we dont think that that would be the right thing to do…but that has been talked about

we are hoping to find a used CNC, and a welder…maybe a nice lathe if there is any left

awesome! congrats webster

Good job, you hard work paid off nicely!!! Very inspiring.

Very nice.

Major Congrats 1126!

Thanks everyone for the support!

Thank you everyone, for all your nice comments. I’m new to the SparX team, so it’s nice to see everyone saying all these nice things. Hey, just keep striving at it. Just because 07’ has come and gone doesn’t mean it’s too late for the homework. Even homework completed in late can earn credit. Go for it and don’t stop trying. Persevere all the way through!