pic: Dean's homework

We have been working hard on Dean’s assignments!

Our Team has already started Dean’s Homework with the vist of Tim Ryan to our school to congratulate our team on winning the chairman’s award. He also helped team 379 the Robocats go to Nationals by giving them $12,000 in such a short notice. He will be trying to help us start new teams around our area in the summer. So I think our team along with the Robocats has got Tim Ryan hooked on trying to help spread the word of FIRST around our area.

For reference…


I’m a little fuzzy on how the pic relates to Dean’s homework, but maybe I’m just being a bit too dense. Anyone care to elaborate?

By the way, there are now two CD posters from 48 named Travis now. As if one wasn’t bad enough…welcome to Chief Delphi, Mr. Ricci.